How Can Social Media Affect My Nevada Personal Injury Claim?

There is no getting away from social media, particularly in today’s overly connected society. Many people participate in oversharing in every aspect of their daily lives, no matter how insignificant or exciting the information may be. While most people who constantly post on social media have nothing to worry about, the same is not true for those who are in the middle of pursuing a personal injury claim. In fact, posting pictures or making comments on social medical can significantly change the outcome of a personal injury case. Even if you are not directly posting images or other information related to your accident or injuries, posts made by others can be easily misinterpreted or misrepresented and used against you.

Issues to Consider Before Posting

There are several reasons why you should avoid posting and engaging on social media when you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit (or any other lawsuit, for that matter). Posts can be misleading; comments, videos, and photos about your wellbeing can be taken out of context. Insurance companies are intent on not paying out claims or settling a case for as little as possible, and they will use everything they can to discredit or diminish your perceived injuries.

Social media posts can discredit your emotional suffering. It is typical for personal injury cases to include pain and suffering in the calculation of damages due to the victim. When photos are posted that show you smiling and enjoying life, insurance companies will use this to weaken this part of the claim.

Many of us are often “tagged” in a friend’s photo or post on social media. Because any of these posts—even if you were not the one that put the image or comments on the internet—can be used against you, it is best for you to ask friends and family to avoid doing so until the case is over (or delete your account so you can’t be tagged).

Other Issues of Concern

Social media is not the place to talk about your personal injury case. This is true while the case is in litigation and after the case is settled. Posting details about the incident—whether photos, videos, or comments—can be used by defense counsel to poke holes in your case. The best practice is to not post anything related to your accident on any social media platform. Aside from posting online, it is also important not to spend your entire day playing games on social media. If you are claiming you are unable to work at a desk job, but can play online games all day, the defense will use this against you.

Nevada Personal Injury Lawyers

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