Several Teens Injured, Some Not Wearing Safety Belts, in Nevada Crash

More than half a dozen teens were injured in a single-vehicle car crash late last year, according to a News 4 report. The crash happened in Carson City on a weeknight on Kings Canyon Road, just west of Longview Way, according to the Sheriff’s office. After arriving at the crash scene, deputies determined that an SUV with seven teenagers inside had rolled over. Five teenagers were taken to hospital by ambulance, while two were taken to Renown in Reno via Care Flight. Two received treatment for life-threatening injuries while three were in critical condition, according to reports. Nevada Highway took jurisdiction over the crash due to its severity. An accident reconstruction team is expected to assist with the investigation. According to Nevada state troopers, five of the seven teenagers occupying the SUV were not wearing seatbelts. Two of the vehicle’s passengers were ejected from the SUV as a result of the crash. Moreover, the SUV, a Dodge Nitrus, only had five seats.

Seatbelts Save Lives

Nevada law mandates that all vehicle passengers and drivers, no matter if in the front or rear seats of a car or truck, wear a seat belt or an approved child restraint system. There are, however, minor exceptions for older vehicles that do not have seat belts installed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that as many as 13,941 lives were saved in 2015 due to seat belt use. Statistics show that 48% of passengers that were killed due to a car accident were not wearing a safety belt. The consequences of failing to wear a seat belt or improperly wearing one are evident. Not buckling up can cause you to be ejected from the vehicle, which is almost deadly, just like two of the teenage victims in the Carson City crash. Likewise, airbags are not sufficient to protect you from the impact of a crash; in fact the mere force of an airbag can injure or kill you if you are not buckled up.

Nevada Seatbelt Law

Nevada law requires both drivers and any passengers in vehicles that weight less than 10,000 (this includes taxis, sedans, and SUVs) to wear seatbelts. Generally, a seatbelt will include a lap, sash or harness. That being said, even though wearing a seatbelt is state-mandated, Nevada police may not pull a driver over just for not wearing a seatbelt. Rather, police may issue a citation for failure to wear a seatbelt only if the car is already stopped and the driver is being cited for another primary offense. Of note, state law allows for passengers to ride on the bed of a flatbed truck or within the bed of a pick up truck without wearing a seatbelt if the rider is 18 years of age or older; or if the passenger is under 18 years of age, the vehicle is being used in the course of farming or ranching, or in a parade authorized by local authorities.

Nevada Car Accident Attorneys

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