Roadwork and Construction Injuries

Las Vegas is a destination city.  A place where more than 40-million tourists flock to each and every year. This crowds popular sites as well as our already traffic-filled roadways.  

It seems right now, you can drive a mile in any direction without seeing a steady stream of orange cones and/or detour signs. This leads to extra traffic, increased driving times and even driver confusion.

The potential for injuries and accidents is high in construction areas, putting workers, pedestrians, and drivers all at a higher risk. The safety issues include speeding/distracted drivers, road conditions (uneven pavement, potholes, equipment, etc,) and sometimes even improper signage.  When accidents do happen legal action is a common response. Whether it’s for workers’ compensation or a negligence claim, there are options for anyone who is injured.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), work zone crashes claim three lives every day in the U.S. The most important and effective deterrent for construction injuries and accidents is abiding by the speed limit. Nevada Revised Statute 484.3667 doubles the penalty for speeding (up to $1,000!) in any marked road construction or maintenance work zone.

NVDOT has several resources for drivers when it comes construction and roadwork. NVRoads.com maps out zones across the state that drivers should be aware of. There is also an extension of that state-run site detailing current construction information.

In an effort to improve safety the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) and government officials have developed the “Seeing Orange” resource program for the community. It helps to answer questions and address concerns about ongoing roadwork and construction across the state.

If you’ve been injured or involved in an accident at a construction site be sure to contact a qualified Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Our experienced team at Parry & Pfau can help you determined whether or not you have a case and how to proceed.

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