Hit and Run Accidents

Unfortunately, Las Vegas personal injury lawyer teams know all too well that hit and run collisions are not uncommon. The most obvious reason for someone to leave the scene of an accident is that they are drunk.

Some drunk drivers who cause a crash would rather be cited for a hit and run than a more serious drunk driving charge. Ask us at Parry & Pfau, and we’d say both situations are simply wrong, not to mention illegal.

In the state of Nevada hit and run accidents happen all the time. In fact, last year Senate Bill 245 was passed to help combat the problem. The legislation treats those who leave an accident scene with substantial bodily harm or property damage the same as a driver caught under the influence.

So, what this means for personal injury cases is that when a hit and run driver is identified and found, they could be facing some potentially serious DUI charges for skipping out. This more complicated situation is even more reason to hire a qualified attorney to represent you.  

Involved in a hit and run accident? Contact the Parry & Pfau office to schedule your complimentary consultation.  We’ll go over the details of your case and help you determine the best legal approach.

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