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Joan Rivers Planned for her Pets

Trusts created as part of an Estate Plan are private and not shared with the public unless you choose to do so. However, Joan Rivers was not exactly known for her private life and she has been very vocal regarding her planned inheritance. She intended to give most of her inheritance to her daughter and grandson. In addition, according to her goddaughter, she took extra care to provide for her dogs after passing.

Rivers had two rescue dogs that lived in her New York residence and two other dogs that lived in her California home. These four dogs were a big part of her life and she wanted to make sure that they could continue to be cared for even after she was no longer around. In order to care for her pets, Rivers created a pet trust in order to secure a comfortable life for her pets.

What is a Pet Trust?

A pet trust is a legal document that provides for the care and maintenance of your pets in the event that you are no longer able to care for them. You are able to designate a trustee who will be in charge of managing the trust funds. When the time comes, the trustee will make payments on a regular basis to a designated caregiver you name in your Pet Trust.

In Nevada these types of trusts are enforceable but the trust terminates when there is no living animal that is covered by the trust. When creating a Nevada Pet Trust you will have peace of mind knowing that your pets will be cared for according to your instructions. The directions in a Pet Trust can, and should, be specific. For example, if your pet only east a specific type of food, your dog likes certain activities, or if your pet needs certain kinds of veterinary care, you should specifically states these as terms of your trust.

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What Joan Rivers Just Taught Pet Lovers About Estate Planning

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