Paralegal Helpful Links

Sometimes winning and losing can be the difference between doing your homework. People are lazy. If you’re not, you’ll probably have more than the other side. Here are some links helpful to paralegals performing investigations in Nevada:

Nevada Secretary of State – Official names of business entities, their registered agents, their contact information, and their officers/members.

Important to find their official names to add them to the complaint

Fictitious Firm Name Search

Nevada State Contractors Board – Contractors, their license numbers, their bond amounts, disciplinary history

Important for finding out who the bonding company is so you can sue it, too.


Clark County Assessor’s Office – Owners and prior owners of real property, deeds, information about home

Important in asset search; locating someone for service of process


Clark County Recorder’s Office – titles, liens, encumbrances on real property (can also order any recorded document, like a marriage license, birth certificate, etc.)

Discover what encumbrances there are on an asset you may want to go after
Dismissed entire fraud claim with evidence from recorder


Odyssey – prior lawsuits

Assess your own client’s history or that of the opposing party

Vexatious litigation list


Google – anything their name appears in online

John Luckett


Google Maps – aerial view of area

Great for preliminary investigation/client interview


Kelly Blue Book – car values


Westlaw/Lexis Public Records Search – address/phone number/birthday/prior addresses/criminal history


Employment Records – disciplinary history, wage history, lots of other good stuff

American Airlines records


Facebook – pictures/family activities, statements

Lyle Owens vacationing
Lost settlement because of Facebook


LinkedIn – information about their job/job history

Locate employer for service of process
Locate employer to subpoena for employment history


YouTube – videos; number 2 search engine

YouTube: MzPhit, “Ratchet”


For some things you have to actually go down to the building (groan). Floor plans, for example. But a lot of times you can just call, and they’ll get it for you (sometimes without a fee).

Include every cause of action you can – Abraham Lincoln divorce.

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